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The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo: Spinoza Trilogy 1The Vampire Who Played Dead: Spinoza Trilogy 2The Vampire in the Iron Mask: Spinoza Trilogy 3The Vampire on the TrainWolfgang: An Adventure StoryThe Mile-Marker PartyThe Spinoza TrilogyThe Muculess Diet Healing System

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  1. Promo Demo 1:36
  2. Narration Demo - Short 1:00
  3. Narration Demo - Long 4:00
  4. Commercial Demo 1:00

  1. The Vampire Who Played Dead 14:01
  2. The Vampire in the Iron Mask 3:04
  3. The Mile Marker Party 15:18
  4. The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo 2:46
  5. Santa's Magical Trip 1:12


What our Clients say

  • Fantastic job! If you’re looking for a gifted voice actor, your search is over. Justin is a true professional … flexible, fast, responsive, and was able to provide an impressive variety of voice inflections for me to choose from

    — Team2008 —
  • Justin did not stop to provide me with the results I needed. His voice is truly stunning, with both a natural depth and impact mixed with his clear experience in delivering the emotion and tones I required. I highly recommend working with Justin for both his ability and his professional approach to managing his side of the project. Best, Max”

    — SLA Film & Music Production —
  • Excellent work and really enjoyed working with Justin. Voiceover was great and done very well, the technical components of naming the files correctly was perfect, and appreciated the communication and ahead of time delivery of the project. Highly recommend and look forward to working together again!

    — Jesse C Maddox - CEO of Trip Lingo —
  • Words can not describe how happy I am. This guy was FANTASTIC !!!!! If you need a voice over then don’t use this guy, I’M KEEPING HIM TO MYSELF. Seriously the best EVER. My default VO gig. Thank You soooooooooooooo much.

    — Hey Hello Agency —
  • All I can say is UNFKNBELIEVABLE!!! ….extremely happy with your ability to switch intonation and cadence bro, & the wicked fast service is a real treat! MORE coming your way!.

    — Nick LaPolla - Red Zebra Media —
  • I can say Justin has been the best and most incredible experience. He is an extraordinary talented person, fast, reliable and I have learn a lot from him. If you ware looking for a personal deep voice, don’t doubt a second. 100 % reliable.

    — Pablo Sanchez - Organic —
  • Outstanding Professional. Top service, positive attitude but most importantly the high-quality recording and the AMAZING voice over range you have. Will definitely work again with you. Thanks.

    — Idea D LLC —
  • It’s been a real pleasure to work with Justin. Since the first moment it was obvious he was a professional. Great, fast, kind and proactive communication, he would always let me know what he was working on and when I can expect the next part of the project to be done. He would always meet the deadline without delay. It was easy to go through all corrections, anyway only few corrections were needed. I can surely recommend Justin to others and am looking forward to work on some other projects with him in the future! Great job, Justin 😉

    — Vilem Verba LLC —

Just Who Is He Anyway?

In this section, you’d usually find a short “bio” about me, Justin Fraction. However, in the interest of not pulling my hair out trying to summarize my work and my life, (as I love to let my voice speak for itself) how about I answer several questions from an online question generator.

Hopefully, you’ll find the answers your seeking through this incredible internet application!

Describe your perfect day: “I’d have to say April 25 because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” Yes, that’s a quote from Miss Congeniality but it’s also very true! I’ve been working as a voice actor for over 10 years on everything from games, apps, radio imaging, tv commercials, and promos. No matter the weather conditions, I always get it done on time whether I’m working in your studio or mine in a light jacket or a heavy coat. (Although I prefer shorts.)

If you could acquire any skill, what would you choose?: I’m really good at editing video and audio thanks to my undergrad degree in Film & Video along with my appearances on the TPS sports news channel on Youtube where I sometimes host and edit. So maybe being able to stand on one foot without falling over would be a great help in the future.

Do you read reviews about a movie before deciding whether to watch it or not?: I’m really good at taking direction but I’m also very good at being creative when given the chance. So while I do read reviews, I’m also fully capable of striking out on my own and making my own choices when necessary. It’s always up to the client but I love it when they let me play.

Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?: I always strive to be the best player on any team but I don’t believe any team is truly horrible or great. I think it’s more complicated than that. It’s about working together as a team, as I do with my clients, and coming up with the best product possible for presentation. While I might bring the voice, it’s all a collaborative process which I love.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?: My family: which consists of me and my microphone locker. I love pointing out to people that you can hear me in a Pillsbury commercial, a Band-Aid commercial, or a promo for a sporting event on your radio. I love being able to tell people to listen to a book that I’m voicing or a manual that I read (although that last one is a bit tricky for them but if they love learning about the history of piping I know I can make it sound interesting!)

But really my greatest accomplishment is being able to do what I love every day and entertaining people because I’m here to have a good time and make some killer audio, and I hope you and they are ready to listen to it.

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